Historic Co-op Serving Foreston’s Farming Community

The Farmers Co-op Creamery carries everything needed for farming at all levels – from the big dairy farms and crop growers, to small hobby farms and gardeners. We describe our co-op as “meeting your animal-feed needs and more.” Our business carries on a 109-year-old tradition that began with a group of 35 men buying into a co-op creamery for $25 per share. Today, membership exceeds 300 people. The longtime creamery staff members recall many iconic changes over the years.

We offer:

  • Custom Feed
  • Delivery
  • On Site Scale
  • Grain Buying and Selling
  • Grain Storage/Grain Drying
  • Fencing
  • Supplies Store
  • Straw or Hay Bales
  • Wood Shavings or Pellets
  • Assorted Twine
  • Field Grains Seed
  • Vegetable and Potato Seed

The Farmers Co-op Creamery also takes orders for chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, geese and pheasants. We also have assorted deer plots available. Whether you’re big or small, let Farmers Co-op and Creamery help with it all. We appreciate all of your business. Call or stop in and visit today!

Feed Store

Ready to be picked floor stock for all your animal feed needs!

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Cows feeding Farm Cattle

Custom Feed Delivery

Customize your feed so we can keep your herd healthy!

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Country General Store

Loaded with all of your farm needs!

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Corn Drying/Storage

Trust us with your corn.

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Contact Information

Farmers Co-op Creamery


214 Main Ave.
Foreston, MN 56330